Deck the halls with a “green” Christmas craft

Inspired by greener living guru Danny Seo and craving a craft, this Christmas I was thinking about how I might decorate our place in a “greener” way (and on the cheap). What did it take to find the answer? A trip to Anthropologie!

Look at this clever little tree made from a magazine.

Made from a Reader’s Digest!

As discretely as I could, I examined the tree from all angles and tried to discover how the magazine had been folded to form such a darling little tree. More than one shopper looked at me curiously, no doubt wondering why I was spending so much time with the floor display and not drooling over the cozy sweaters.  I snapped a few pictures and raced home excited to tell Mr. Green about my craft discovery. He was pretty jazzed that I’d found a way to “upcycle” my old magazines.

Though I was inspired to decorate for Christmas, I think these little trees are a great decoration to leave out through the winter.  Here’s how to make your own:

 1. Crack the spine of a magazine by folding it open several times.

2. Fold the top right hand corner of a page down to the spine to form a triangle.


Repeat this step on every page. Try and be as precise as you can, and if you want to save your fingers use a ruler to help make the fold.

3. Fold each page a second time to form a men’s necktie shape. Take the right hand edge and fold inwards to the spine. Again, be as precise as possible.

Do this second fold on all pages.

4. This is the trickiest step. Fold the tail, or the bottom of the page up into the fold to form a flat straight bottom edge.


5. Once you’re finished with the final folds, arrange the pages to form a tree shape. You can use a spray adhesive and some glitter to add some sparkle to your tree, or you can top it with a Christmas ornament like I did.

*Despite believing I’d found something unique, the credit goes to none other than Martha Stewart for this upcycled idea.

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2 responses to “Deck the halls with a “green” Christmas craft

  1. Kelly

    Love this Mrs Green!!
    Thanks for the nostalgic reminder of art class of decades gone by. We saved magazines and phone books all year to make these crafts as kids….my Mom got 7 of them one year as her Christmas gifts from her little recyclers before it was cool or necessary to recycle!!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS SWEETIE…..You look good in green!

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for the fun idea Cait. I will definitely give it a go.
    When complete, I’ll put a bird on it.
    Rose Anne

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