Here’s to an even greener 2011!


Upcycled chop sticks! Idea and Photo credit: Danny Seo,

We’re nine days in to 2011 and while the holidays – ah, the holidays – seem but a distant memory now, I’ve yet to declare any resolutions for 2011. I’ve been trying to think of ways to take this greener living thing to the next level (surprised?) and in so doing, I was reminded of all the greener things I did and learned in 2010. I’ve come a long way, baby!

That’s why instead of making grand resolutions to make dramatic changes in the year ahead, I’m resolving to continue along the greener path I’ve set for myself and look for a few new ways to live greener.

For instance, inspired by recent design show marathons and green living expert, Danny Seo, I’m resolving to reuse items I already have and try my hand at upcycling!

I’ve always enjoyed making things and exploring my artistic side so, upcycling – turning things you already own into something new and beautiful – seems to be the perfect challenge for creative, crafty me.

And I know Mr. Green will be a fan of upcycling. After all, he’s the guy who goes searching for “treasure” when we’re out exploring the city. He’ll stop at the top of people’s driveways to explore their discarded items or excitedly pull me aside to examine the remains of renovation projects. Mr. Green isn’t all that motivated by the thought of finding items to reuse or turn into something new. Nope, he’s hoping to find the next windfall item for Antiques Roadshow. I think he’s convinced he’s going to find a Picasso at the side of the road.

Check out some of my inspiration here and consider how you can turn things you might otherwise have discarded into something new and inspired.

You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure …

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One response to “Here’s to an even greener 2011!

  1. RoseAnne B.

    I love it…upcycling. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last few years with old Christmas decorations. I take them apart or use an item to make something new but everything has to made with something I already own.
    My friend from the gym thinks it’s self inflicted torture but I enjoy the challenge.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas, recipes and resources. Ro

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